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We host the browsers, you write the code.

You want to crawl, scrape, sync, download, generate, animate, automate, activate, test, track, and hack… but you don’t want to spend the time, money, and energy managing headless infrastructure.

BrowserCat offers pay-as-you-go, long-running, real-time access to our browser fleet with nearly unlimited scale. Run tests in record time. Adapt to demand. Or turn the internet into your own private database. And do it all with a smile.

Spend minutes to save hours.

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Run Playwright at Scale

Playwright for the Win

Gain instant access to Playwright’s world-class, open-source automation, codegen, debugging, and testing tools.

Whatever You Dream

Save hours in automation, train your LLM on extracted data, or generate images on the fly. Paw-some!

Scale, Speed, and Ship

Instantly scale to meet demand, and see results in real-time. No more hour-long testing suites or crawl jobs.

Metrics and Alerts

No more flying dark. Use our dashboards to manage options, set alerts, cap usage, monitor logs, and more.

Developers Love Us

Connect to our browser fleet in just one line of code. Visit our deep-dive docs for support every step of the way.

Open Source Core

BrowserCat is built on open-source tech. Use us as long as you love us, and leave whenever you want.

Playwright is better with BrowserCat

Friendly docs showing easy setup

Easy to get started…

  • Instantly connect to our browser fleet with just one line of code.
  • Use our deep-dive docs for support every step of the way.
Playwright Test UI works with BrowserCat

All your favorite Playwright features…

  • Generate automation scripts just by pointing and clicking.
  • Write tests with a familiar and powerful step-through debugger.
BrowserCat's usage and alerts dashboard

Track usage, access, and more…

  • Receive email alerts well before you hit your limits.
  • Create, destroy, and extend API keys via the dashboard or API.

Automate Everything.

Tired of managing a fleet of fickle browsers? Sick of skipping e2e tests and paying the piper later?

Sign up now for free access to our headless browser fleet…

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