The BrowserCat

The purr-fect browser automation API.

Test, scrape, generate, and automate without the pain and expense of hosting your own headless browsers.

For the dev who cares about impact, not infra.

Start now, free forever!

The web is messy.
But your code doesn’t have to be.

Your business depends on browser automation, but hosting headless browsers is painful, expensive, and time consuming.

You want to work on what will differentiate your business, not manage infrastructure. But just when you think your browser work is done, surprise, there’s more to do.

BrowserCat unloads all the headache, the cost, and the risk. Better yet, our browsers are optimized for instant-start, instant-scale, global availability, and security sandboxing.


Let’s face it: We’re meow-velous!

10x Devs, 10x Tools

We’re built on Playwright, the open source standard. Move fast with confidence. Zero vendor lock-in.

Powerful Infra on Demand

Need a hundred browsers for a minute? Need just one all month? We deliver speed, scale, and stability.

An API for Everything

Scrape websites? Generate images? Monitor competitors? Export PDFs? Automate everything with one API.

Metrics and Alerts

No more flying dark. Use our dashboards to manage options, set alerts, cap usage, monitor logs, and more.

Developer Experience

Create automations in your favorite editor, test locally, then launch to your favorite platform. We’re everywhere!

Best-in-Class Docs

Robust tutorials, quick-start templates, and language coverage. We’re with you every step of the way.

You are in full control…

Unlike the competition, we don’t put barriers between you and the browser.

Whatever a human can do, you can automate with BrowserCat.

Automate complex workflows for your users.

Scrape huge datasets for analysis and training.

Generate beautiful PDFs, images, and videos.

Trigger alerts when a web page changes.

Set loose your AI agents to surf the web.

Test in CI/CD and prod at 100x speed.

For the dev that cares about impact, not infra…

Test, scrape, generate, and automate without the pain and expense of hosting your own headless browsers.

BrowserCat is the purr-fect browser automation API!

Start now, free forever!