The web is messy.
But your code doesn't have to be.

BrowserCat is your one-stop shop for web automation, scraping, testing, screenshots, and more.

Anything you can do with a browser, we can do without one.

Bring Your Own Framework

Leverage Playwright, the open source industry standard. No lock in. (Puppeteer support coming soon.)

Powerful Infra on Demand

Need a hundred browsers for a minute? Need just one all month? We deliver speed, scale, and stability.

An API for Everything

Need to get running fast? Generate images? Uptime monitoring? PDFs? (Utility API coming soon.)

Metrics and Alerts

No more flying dark. Use our dashboards to manage options, set alerts, cap usage, monitor logs, and more.

Developer Experience

Create automations in your favorite editor, test locally, then launch to your favorite platform. We're everywhere!

Best-in-Class Docs

Robust tutorials, quickstart templates, and language coverage. We're with you every step of the way.

Automate Everything.

Tired of managing a fleet of fickle browsers? Sick of skipping e2e tests and paying the piper later?

Sign up now for free access to our headless browser fleet…

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