Browser automation is the process of programming a browser to navigate through websites, interact with web elements, fill forms, click buttons, generate images, download files, and extract data—all without human intervention. It’s like having a virtual assistant who can work all day and all night, clearly your schedule of repetitive, mundane tasks, while improving your company’s efficiency and scalability.

Browser automation works using headless browsers, which have no GUIs—just like the name suggests. Developers can write scripts using libraries such as Playwright or Puppeteer, then call those scripts on demand, potentially with custom parameters. In this way, you can turn the entire internet into an API!

For example, an e-commerce company could automate a test ensuring their checkout worked properly. Or they could run a script every hour to adjust their prices based on that of their competition. SEO specialists might automate the gathering of data on keyword rankings.

How can BrowserCat help with browser automation?

At BrowserCat, we make working with headless browsers effortless and affordable. Whether you need to automate testing, crawling, data aggregation, or just streamline your work, our service is tailored to be adaptable and efficient.

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