Production testing is the practice of testing code you’ve deployed to the real world. This strategy ensures that changes to connected systems and upstream providers have not inadvertently broken your existing deployments.

Whereas E2E testing during deployment can ensure that at a single moment in time your code works, only by regularly testing your production environment can you be certain your app still works. Additionally, there are some tests you can only run against production. For instance, performance tests are irrelevant in a staging environment, where you are unlikely to have allocated the same resources.

Good targets for production tests include checkout flows, sign-up, sign-in, and common user flows. A small suite of such tests, run every 15 minutes, will ensure that system dynamics will never leave users in pain for too long.

How can BrowserCat help with production testing?

With just a one-line change to your code, you can run your production tests from our fleet of headless browsers. This makes it easy to deploy and schedule your tests without having to worry about how to host resource-heavy headless browsers alongside your code.

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