Image Generation is the process of leveraging code to create images on-the-fly according to predetermined templates and parameters. These strategies can be used to produce personalized marketing, dynamic brand assets, or interactive content based on user input.

There’s no shortage of frameworks for generating images, but we frequently recommend leaning on HTML, CSS, and JS. Unlike canvas-based approaches or SVG, HTML and CSS have huge ecosystems and robust capability out-of-the-box. Web technology will always be ahead of the pack for control over layout, layering, typography, and design. And when you need vector or raster graphics, guess what? You can embed them directly within your HTML.

Leveraging web technology means relying on headless browsers to snapshot your designs. But this is much, much easier than it seems. Libraries like Playwright and Puppeteer have built-in support for customizing your preferred output format and size using just a single command.

How can BrowserCat help with image generation?

With BrowserCat, managing dynamic image generation couldn’t be easier. Whether you need to rapidly generate a huge swath of images during deployment or create new content in real time, we’ll scale with your demand for fractions of a penny.

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