Quality Assurance (or QA) is a process to ensure a product meets specific standards of performance and stability. QA plays a critical role in ensuring that software works as expected, doesn’t contain bugs, and provides a seamless user experience. While QA is often tested manually, by a team of human beings, most of this work can be automated with the help of a browser testing framework like Playwright.

Using such a library allows programmatic connection to a headless browser, within which you can automate the behaviors a user would take. This allows you to realistically test that your app functions exactly as you expect across a wide range of behaviors. Rather than manually testing a feature a single time, coding the very same test allows for that test to be repeated thousands of times over the course of years, ensuring that your human resources can be devoted to more important tasks.

Automated QA typically manifests as a robust suite of E2E tests or production tests. However, with headless browsers, one could also build visual testing suites, which compare screen grabs against canonical versions, ensuring that the visual layout of your app is preserved between updates. The possibilities are endless. Anything you can script, you can measured, and anything you can measure, you can protect.

How can BrowserCat help with automated quality assurance?

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