Puppeteer is a browser automation tool that gives you programmatic control over Chromium-based browsers. With it, you can open webpages, generate screenshots or PDFs, scrape website information, and automate interactions as if you were a user sitting behind a keyboard and mouse.

Generally speaking, we recommend the more-modern Playwright. Unlike Puppeteer, Playwright has support for all modern browsers, multiple programming languages, and improved performance. Puppeteer may still be a good choice for teams with existing code bases or skill sets, but nevertheless, we recommend giving Playwright a chance.

In any case, Puppeteer is valuable across a wide range of use-cases, including testing, crawling and scraping, image and pdf generation, and bespoke browser automation. In recent days, these libraries also enable LLM agents to search and interact with the internet, increasing their intelligence and capabilities.

How can BrowserCat help with running Puppeteer?

While Puppeteer (and Playwright) offer huge benefits, they also require that most users take on the burden of maintaining a fleet of headless browsers. This infrastructure has very different requirements from typical web apps, and can become both costly and time-consuming at scale.

BrowserCat offers direct access to our fleet of headless browsers with an affordable pay-as-you-go pricing model that ensure 100% of your resources are spent on building business value, rather than managing infrastructure.

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